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PLEASE CALL 1-800-608-8254 or go to to make your payment.

Shady Grove Utility District Customers:

Shady Grove Utility District takes every step to keep from having any rate increases to their rate payers.  However, with the cost of the water increasing from our suppliers, Shady Grove Utility District is left with no other option but to pass that rate increase on to the rate payers.

Effective July 1, 2023, Shady Grove Utility District Customer’s will see an increase in their water bill.

Currently your rates are a $20.00 monthly service fee and $5.50 per thousand gallons. 

The new rate will be a $21.00 service fee and $6.00 per thousand gallons.


Shady Grove Utility District’s online payment portal and telephone payment system is hosted by a company called Nexbill Pay.

Shady Grove Utility District has no affiliation with the DOXO bill payment site and is not responsible for payments made through that site that have not been received.  We do not recommend you paying your bill through the DOXO site.

After the 25th you should call the office before paying online or through the online payment portal.