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Shady Grove Utility District of Jefferson and Sevier Counties, Tennessee (the district) was created on October 15, 1963, under the authority of Title 7, Chapter 82 of the 1937 Utility District Law of the State of Tennessee. The district was extended in July 1965 and again in March 1967. In the beginning the district served about 600 customers in Jefferson and Sevier Counties. Today we serve around 7000 customers.

The District’s Board of Commissioners serve staggered four-year terms. The Jefferson County Mayor appoints two commissioners and the Sevier County Mayor appoints one commissioner. Jefferson and Sevier Counties do not have any fiscal or budgetary control to secure debts of the District. The operations of the District are funded by water rates established by the District’s Board of Commissioners.

The original Board of Commissioners consisted of Leonard Moore, President, Robert Sams, Treasurer, from Jefferson County and Newell McCall, Secretary from Sevier County. These men along with the people in the Shady Grove Community worked very hard to bring this district into existence.

Mr. W. T. Thomas served as superintendent of the district from the time construction began through December 1977 and again from April 1980 through December 1994 when Mike Jones was appointed as manager of the district. Bud McCoig served as interim superintendent from January 1, 1978 to April 17, 1980 during the absence of Mr. Thomas due to the illness of his wife. Mr. Thomas retired from SGUD on his 80th birthday on March 3, 1995. Others who have served on the board of commissioners are R. J. Leeper, Prentis M. Frye, Sr., Loran Whaley, Ralph Whillock, Ed Franklin, and Kent Thomas. The current board consists of Nancy Humbard, President and John Orr, Secretary/Treasurer, from Jefferson County and Joe Soward, Vice President, from Sevier County.

Chester Rainwater, Jr., of the Rainwater & Rainwater law firm was instrumental in the organization of the district. The firm of Rainwater & Rainwater, now Rainwater, Drinnon & Churchwell, PLLC, has represented the district since its inception.

The district has used several engineering firms over the years. Bost Engineering did the first construction projects. Russell & Axon, Wayne L. Smith Engineers and currently, Hatfield & Allen, Associates, have all done engineering work for the district.

The first office was located in our attorney’s building, the Rainwater & Rainwater law office on Gay St. in Dandridge. Some years later the office was relocated to the historic Vance Building across the street. The portion that SGUD occupied was torn down and the building remodeled in 1999. SGUD moved into offices at 1248 Gay St. in 1987 and remained there until they moved into their new facilities at 830 Hwy. 139 on February 5, 2001.