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New Customers


  • Nancy Humbard
  • Joe Soward
  • John Orr

Manager: Mike Jones


  • Shady Grove Utility District Office (Night deposit in drive-thru window for night, weekend, or holiday payments)
  • First Peoples Bank — Dandridge & Jefferson City
  • Citizens National Bank —Dandridge, & Kodak
  • Tennessee State Bank – Kodak, Jefferson City (Tennessee State Bank Customers Only)
  • FirstBank — Dandridge, Jefferson City
  • Automatic Bank Draft

TELEPHONE: (865) 397-3790 For emergencies after office hours, weekends and holidays.

BILLS & PAYMENTS: Utility bills are mailed the last working day of each month, and are payable by the 15th to avoid penalty. Any payments received after the 15th will be charged a 10% penalty. These will appear on subsequent bills as previous balance. Always pay total shown as NET BILL.

GRACE PERIOD FOR BILLS: If the 15th should fall on a weekend or holiday, a one day grace period will be allowed. The bill may be paid the next business day at our office without penalty.

METERS READ: Meters are read each month beginning around the 15th.  If you should have questions about your reading, please call our office at (865) 397-3790.

LEAK ADJUSTMENTS: Leak adjustments are handled through our loss protection program only if you are enrolled.   No adjustments will be given for leaking commodes, pressure reducer valves, dripping faucets or any type of faulty customer plumbing. Only one adjustment will be given in a twelve-month (12) period.


  • New account with existing service – $50
  • Return check charge – $20
  • Reconnect service – $50
  • New account with existing service on rental property – $100

Service charges are not refundable 

NEW METER TAP FEE: This is a charge for tapping on to the utility’s main waterline to obtain service for a residence/business. The meter still remains the property of the utility district. Should the property be sold the meter is conveyed along with the property. Should an individual or business want to build another residence, put in a trailer, or open a business on the same tract of property, another meter must be purchased. It is not legal to hook more than one residence/trailer or business to a water meter.


  • $21.00 Service Fee
  • $6.00 per thousand gals.

DISCONTINUANCE OF SERVICE: Our policy states that the Shady Grove Utility District will discontinue (cut off) service for the following reasons:

  1. Nonpayment of bill or other charges if not paid by the 25th.
  2. Partial payment of bill or other charges.
  3. Failure to comply with utility rules, regulations, or policies.
  4. Any threat to public health.
  5. Tampering with utility equipment or stealing service.
  6. In the event a customer has more than one service on a tap.
  7. Refusal to pick up a returned check.
  8. Refusal of a customer to fix a known leak.

Service will be reinstated only during regular working hours for field maintenance employees (7:30 AM to 4:30 PM), Monday thru Friday, for customers cut off for nonpayment. Shady Grove Utility District employees will no longer pick up any type of payment in the field. All payments must be made by the customer in the utility district office.