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ServLine Program

In December 2015 Shady Grove Utility District partnered with  the ServLine Program to help our customers offset the high cost of water bills due to water leaks and water line break and repairs.  Most homeowners are surprised to learn that they are responsible for both the extra charges from water leaks and repair of the water line from the meter to the home.  The same homeowners are surprised to learn that their homeowners insurance does not cover the costs of the repairs or the extra charges on their water utility bill.

As a customer you are automatically enrolled for the Basic Protection but need to sign up for Water Line Protection.  You may cancel either at any time if you sign up and change your mind.  However, if you cancel basic protection you are taking full responsibility for all water charges from water leaks.  Also if you cancel and decide to re-enroll there is a 30 day waiting period.   We hope that you choose to participate in both the Basic Water Loss  and Water Line Protection, but if you choose not to participate in our Water Line Protection you will be assuming all responsibility for the repair costs of your water line.

Shady Grove Utility District hopes that you will take advantage of the ServLine Program.  A program summary including the costs along with frequently answered questions (FAQ) are enclosed for further explanation.  A copy of this program coverage is available upon request.  Just call  877-454-8387 to enroll in the Water Line Protection, cancel basic protection or ask additional questions.  You may also choose to come by the office in person to enroll in Water Line Protection or de-enroll in  Basic Water Loss Protection. Additional Information on the ServLine Program can be found here:

ServLine Program

ServLine Details