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Water Softener Information

For Customers Interesting in installing a water softener in your home below are the water hardness, PH and Alkalinity levels for both Jefferson City Water and Knoxville Utility Board.

Jefferson City Water Department

Average hardness  215 ppm or 12.56 grains per gallon

Average PH is 7.2

Average Alkalinity is 252 ppm

Customers that receive their water from our Jefferson City water source have an address in Jefferson City, Talbott, Piedmont, the Dandridge area, the Chestnut Grove area and part of New Market and Straw Plains.

Knoxville Utilities Board

Average hardness is 87 ppm or 5.08 grains per gallon

Average PH is 7.31

Average Alkalinity is 71 ppm

Customers who live in the Sevier County area of Kodak from the Knox County line across Douglas Dam Road to our tank site off Hwy. 139 and customers living on Hwy. 25/70 from the Knox County line up to Dumplin Loop Road receive their water from the KUB source.  From the Jefferson County High School to the Sevier County line is KUB.