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Water Customer Notice

This is to advise you that it is unsafe and unlawful to make or permit any type of cross connection between the District water system and any other system. The sketch below illustrates a cross connection.

Please review and if you have a cross connection disconnect the two systems to avoid polluting the District water supply.

On many lines the water pressure will be in excess of that usually furnished by well systems. This is necessitated because of the variation in terrain (low valleys and high ridges).

In order to have uniform pressure in your house system and avoid inconvenience and possible damage to water hose lines it will be necessary to install pressure regulators on each individual service. These regulators may be purchased at your local hardware store or from most of the plumbing companies.

Public Water Supply: The water works system furnishing water to Shady Grove Utility District for general use and which supply is recognized as the public water supply by the Tennessee Department of Public Health.

Cross Connection: Any physical connection whereby the public water supply is connected with any other water supply system, whether public or private, either inside or outside of any building or buildings, in such manner that a flow of water into the public water supply is possible either through the manipulation of valves or because of ineffective check or back pressure valves, or because of any other arrangements.

Auxiliary Intake: Any piping connection or other device whereby water may be secured from a source other than that normally used.

By-Pass Any system of piping or other arrangement whereby the water may be diverted around any part or portion of a water distribution plant.

Interconnection: Any system of piping or other arrangement whereby the public water supply is connected directly with a sewer, drain, conduit, pool, storage reservoir, or other device which does or may contain sewage or other wastes, or liquid which would be capable of importing contamination to the public water supply.